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      Twinkle Little Star.com - nurturing products for the pregnant, and breastfeeding mama and her new baby.
      Canadian customers please visit TwinkleLittleStar.com Canada

      maternity underwear
      Limited quantities available. No exchange, no returns.

      Bravado Maternity Bikini Underwear

      Planning to simply buy bigger bikini panties to "hopefully" get you through your pregnancy? Remember, you are not getting fat, you are gloriously pregnant!! You deserve a panty that is designed for the demands of your changing body.

      Features include:

      • 90% cotton / 10% spandex jersey knit that stretches to fit throughout your pregnancy

      • Front panel that nestles comfortably under the belly

      • a full seat that stays put

      • generous leg openings that don't creep up

        Available in:

      maternity underwear colour bar

      $10.20 each
      now $9.15 ea.

      Bravado Maternity Bikini Underwear

      S (4-8), M (8-12),
      L (12-16), XL (16-20)
      Use your pre-pregnancy size when ordering.
      $10.20 each,
      now $9.15 ea.
      currently available:
      1 S blush
      1 S white
      1 XL white

      favourite pregnancy quotes
      The moment a child is born,
      the mother is also born.
      She never existed before.
      The woman existed, but the mother, never.
      A mother is something absolutely new.
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      may we also suggest a nursing bra?
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      favourite pregnancy quotes
      [A] mother is one to
      whom you hurry when
      you are troubled. 
      ~Emily Dickinson

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