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      Twinkle Little Star.com - nurturing products for the pregnant, and breastfeeding mama and her new baby.

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      cotton nursing pads,  cloth breast pad

      Blis Breast Leakage Inhibitor System
      Blis Breast Leakage Inhibitor System

      blis, the Breast Leakage Inhibitor System, is a soft, flexible disc made of medical grade plastic that is used along with a small, 100% disposable cotton insert.
      blis works on the well-recognized medical principle that gentle, even pressure on the nipple temporarily stops breast milk leakage. Like nursing pads, blis is worn inside the bra, but blis doesn’t just absorb breast milk like nursing pads, it actually stops it, hands-free. This not only prevents wet clothing but also keeps the nipple area dry, thus reducing the risk of infections.

      Clinical studies and testimonials from new mothers demonstrate that blis is preferred over nursing pads and other products such as breast shells. With blis, you can go anywhere and do anything – all with the confidence of knowing that leakage is under control.

      A Complete blis Kit Includes:

      * Two (2) reusable blis discs
      * Two sets of nipple contact adaptors for a custom fit
      * Forty (40) 100% disposable lint-free cotton inserts (also may be purchased separately)
      * A storage container
      * Detailed instructional manual.

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      favourite pregnancy quotes
      "There are various ways to comfort a crying child - walking, rocking, singing - but none is easier or more efficient than nursing. It has been described as a little bit of magic on your side: presto, a fussy child is happy again. "
      ~ Norma Jane Bumgarner
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      Blis Replacement Cotton Inserts

      Forty (40) 100% disposable lint-free cotton inserts to fit between your blis disks and your skin.

      If blis actually stops leakage, why do I need the blis cotton insert?

      The specially designed blis cotton insert is meant to go between the blis disc and your breast. The insert is there to help absorb small amounts of leakage that may occur and also for comfort purposes. Because of the effectiveness of the blis disc, the insert is very thin.

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      blis cotton inserts

      Breastfeeding protects against RSV, a potentially life threatening ilness in infants. By continuing breastfeeding you are protecting your baby's life!

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