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      Twinkle Little Star.com - nurturing products for the pregnant, and breastfeeding mama and her new baby.

      US and International customers please visit TwinkleLittleStar.com USA

      bath and body care natural care for baby

      Shop from our affiliate store with Earth Mama Angel Baby natural care products

      Angel Baby Gift Kit
      Angel Baby Kit

      A wonderful baby shower gift or to welcome your special new angel...naturally.

      The Angel Baby Kit includes:

      Angel Baby 100% certified organic tee
      Angel Baby Bath Blossoms, 1.5 oz.
      Angel Baby Bottom Balm, 25 ml.
      Angel Baby Diaper Rash Soap, mini bar
      Angel Baby Lotion, 30 ml.

      Buy the Angel Baby Kit Here

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      Angel Baby Oil
      Angel Baby Oil

      Angel Baby Oil is a unique hypo-allergenic (no nut oil) blend of light, absorbable oils such as grapeseed oil and meadowfoam seed oil, It was created especially for sensitive baby skin and is infused with chamomile (calming) and calendula (moisturizing) and has virtually no scent for sensitive little noses...naturally.

      Buy Angel Baby Oil here

      Angel Baby Diaper Rash Soap
      Angel Baby Diaper Rash Soap

      Angel Baby Diaper Rash Soap can do it all...(except the shopping!)
      It’s a gentle herb-infused, handmade soap that does battle with tough diaper rash but is gentle on tender little bottoms.
      Infused with organic calendula and pure essential oils like lavender, so it doubles as a fabu first aid soap for the whole family - naturally.

      Buy Angel Baby Diaper Rash Soap here

      favourite pregnancy quotes
      "A mother's love perceives no impossibilities."
      bottom curve

      Calm Angel Baby Tea
      Calm Angel Baby Tea

      Calm Angel Baby Tea is a naturally soothing, calming blend of only certified organic herbs that helps relieve gas, ease colic or upset tummies and settle over-tired babies. Give this pleasant-tasting brew that includes lemon balm, fennel seed, chamomile and peppermint with the included dropper to your fussy little one. Settle and calm your little one so you'll both sleep better...naturally. (Tired mamas love this minty tea, too!)

      Buy Calm Angel Baby Tea here

      favourite pregnancy quotes
      "Before you were conceived I wanted you
      Before you were born I loved you
      Before you were here an hour I would die for you
      This is the miracle of love."
      -Maureen Hawkins
      bottom curve

      Angel Baby Bath Blossoms
      Angel Baby Bath Blossoms

      Angel Baby Bath Blossoms is a sweet blend made with only organic herb blossoms such as calendula, chamomile, rosebuds and lavender as well as moisturizing organic oatmeal.
      Fill the enclosed muslin bag with herbs and use it as a gentle washcloth. These herbs are naturally comforting and calming for Mr. or Ms. Fussy-Pants and together with the oatmeal they safely nourish and moisturize even newborn angel baby skin - naturally.

      buy Angel Baby Bath Blossoms here

      Angel Baby Diaper Rash Cream
      Angel Baby Bottom Balm

      Angel Baby Bottom Balm is protecting, soothing and healing for tender bottoms, cradle cap and minor rashes, scrapes and burns.
      Apply this great-smelling ointment to your baby's diaper area after each diaper change and bath to help prevent diaper rashes. It's made with certified organic olive oil infused with wound-healing herbs such as organic calendula, chickweed, plantain and St. John's wort, shea butter, and fungus-fighting pure essential oils.
      Use it to help ease life's little boo-boos for the whole family - naturally.

      buy Angel Baby Bottom Balm here

      Colic is a broad term which refers to episodes of uncontrollable, extended crying in a baby who is otherwise healthy and well fed. Every baby cries, but if your baby cries or fusses for more than three hours a day, three to four days a week, then he or she may have colic.
      natural angel baby gift basket
      Deluxe Angel Baby Gift Basket

      Our Angel Baby Gift Basket includes everything your sweet angel baby needs for a natural beginning.

      You'll find all-natural products to nurture your little one from start to finish.

      We've included all-organic bath blossoms for fussy babies, shampoo & body wash to gently cleanse, lotion and diaper rash balm to soothe and protect, a soft organic one-piece "Angel Baby" tee to cuddle in and a peaceful, calming Angel Baby Sleep CD to gently send your Angel Baby off to lullaby land.

      Pure organic gifts for your pure organic baby.


      Angel Baby Sleep CD
      Angel Baby Bath Blossoms 3 oz.
      Angel Baby Bottom Balm 50 ml.
      Angel Baby Diaper Rash Soap
      Angel Baby Lotion 4 oz.
      Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash 5.8 oz.
      Angel Baby Oil 1 oz.
      Angel Baby Organic One-Tee

      buy the Deluxe Angel Baby Gift Basket here

      Babies who are massaged on a regular basis show reduced stress, enhanced neurological development as well as relief from day to day discomforts such as teething,and colic.

      What better way to bond with that bonny wee bairn?

      Organic Angel Baby Lotion
      Angel Baby Lotion

      Angel Baby Lotion is a safe, gentle and effective formula of truly organic ingredients blended to moisturize and protect sensitive and delicate baby skin. We spent extra time with this formula because anything you put on your baby is absorbed through the body’s largest organ – the skin! This luscious lotion is made with organic rooibos, which is used to soothe eczema, skin allergies and diaper rash.
      Another organic bonus is the amazing, all natural smell – no artificial anything. It smells so good you'll want to eat your baby up! That means no parabens or other chemical preservatives, artificial dyes or fragrances.
      Made with organic ingredients.
      No parabens

      No artificial fragrances or dyes Just pure organic lotion for your pure organic baby.

      buy Angel Baby Lotion here

      Organic Angel Baby Lotion
      Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash

      Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash is a gentle castile soap, pure and mild enough to cleanse delicate baby skin and hair. We added just a touch of ultra-safe lavender to help calm your fussy angel baby.

      And like everything in our baby line, the organic baby shampoo & body wash is made with only organic and natural ingredients. No SLS, parabens or other chemical preservatives, artificial dyes or fragrances. This is not a no-tear formula because it has no anesthetizing ingredients. (yuck!)

      Made with organic ingredients---
      Good clean baby wash for your good clean baby.
      No sodium lauryl sulfate
      No artificial preservatives
      No artificial fragrances or dyes

      buy Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash here

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